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Taught by 25+ Years Experienced Ammar Mango

  • Ammar Mango - 25+ Years of Experience

    Learn from International Organizational Consultant and Coach Ammar Mango. Experienced in coaching and consulting for several Fortune 100 companies and thousands of individuals worldwide

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Online PgMP Course

Value of the PgMP Certification

Certified Program Management Professional (PgMP) is the next logical step for PMPs interested in an executive level career advancement.  With 8+ years of experience, they are now ready to take on Programs, not just projects.  Programs are a collection related of projects undertaken to achieve benefits only attainable through the collective management of these projects. This means bigger and more visible organizational endeavors with a profound sustainable effect on the organization and its stakeholders.  This requires more of an executive perspective than is required from a project manager.  This upcoming certificate is gaining more popularity as companies are requiring project managers who are able to look at programs from a business benefit perspective instead of a narrow “deliverable” perspective. The PgMP credential is awarded by Project Management Institute (PMI).

The PgMP credential puts you ahead of other PMPs by showing that you have the ability to manage more complex programs that require business savvy and acumen beyond what is needed by a project manager.  As a PgMP certified professional, you can show your ability to actually manage programs based on PMI Best Practices and attain desired sustainable benefits for the organization.

13 Videos

Watch, listen, and learn practical knowledge you need to lead.


A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps and supplemental materials.


Instructor will be available to mentor you and answer your questions throughout your course

Ammar Mango



  • International Consultant and coach, with 25+ years of experience that includes coaching thousands of individuals and consulting for Fortune 100 companies, including Fermi II Nuclear Plan, Visteon, Ford Electronics Division, Ford Motor, American Airlines (Cargo), among others.


  • Certified OPM3 Consultant
  • Certified Program Management Professional
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Certified Project Management Professional


Achievements and Awards:

  • Listed Draft reviewer of most version of the PMBOK, Standard for Program Management, and Standard for Portfolio Management.
  • Participated in preparing exam questions for the PMP exam.
  • Was selected multiple times by PMI to offer exam preparation courses in the US to PMP candidates.
  • PMI Member since 1991 and PMI Jordan Chapter Founder.
  • Delivered over a hundred courses on Organizational Project Management Subjects globally.
  • Delivered over fifty speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars as guest speaker including non-profit organizations, governmental, and international entities.
  • Guest Speaker and Panel Discussion Leader at PMI 2014 Global Symposium.
  • PAC Award of Distinction and PAC Project Leader of the Year Award.
  • Speaker at PMI 1993 Congress and Symposium, Pittsburgh.
  • MS Construction Engineering and Management, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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